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What does it take to live Your Best Life?

For many of us, even though we have been chasing it for years, our Best Life has eluded us.  We often feel lost in a sea of people who seem to “get it” even though we don't.  But all of us deserve our BEST lives!  I have searched and studied for years and have found a few things that I think may help you as they have helped me to be happier, more excited about the future, and more confident in the good things that are everywhere around us.  

I want to help YOU get the life you want. :)

But I didn't start out that way....back in the spring of 2013, I was working over 50 hours a week, commuting in terrible traffic 1.5 hours a day, barely making enough to pay the bills.  Plus, I had credit card debt and student loans, and a car loan hanging over my head.  

And I've been working at that pace or more since college!
Tiffani and Q
I really wanted to have the life I dreamed about –
 enough time to cook, take walks in the middle of the day, play with my pets, take vacations
and most importantly – start a family with my new husband Mike.  I didn't know how to make that a reality, but at age 38 I felt like I needed to shift something, and shift it NOW.

Well, the universe listened. :)  I was laid off in May, and literally the very next day after I was introduced to a company that I wouldn't have taken seriously even a week before.  I asked the universe “Is this my next step?” and I got a resounding “YES!”  

So, I signed up to sell a skin care product – not exactly what I thought I would be doing (and loving)...after all, I have my B.S. degree in Animal Science and almost a second B.S. in Biology.  My passion is nutrition for people and animals, and I have been studying it for about 20 years now.

But, I was ready for a change.  I wanted a baby with my loving husband and a life I could call MY OWN.  I wanted to build my dream, not someone else's.  

I realized that I needed to create a career that allowed me to do 5 things:
1. Make a good living.
2. Have more time for friends and family.
3. Work with a company I believe in.
4. Help other people.
5. And – last but not least – have fun.  

All 5 are very important to me and I knew that if I could find something that allowed me all 5 things, then I could be happier and more successful.  I found all of that – and so much more – with the business described below.

I know many of you feel that a business model like relationship marketing (often called multi-level marketing or network marketing) is a “pyramid scheme” or a scam don't know why you don't like it but you just don't!  Relationship marketing may not be for you...but then again how do you know if you never try it?  Here's some great information that explains it well.

What is a Pyramid Scheme vs. Relationship Marketing?

What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is a little old-fashioned, relying on people actually talking to other people to generate long-term sales relationships.  I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty nice and authentic to me.  The main thing is that if a business has a product to sell, and you can make money selling that product (and you don't necessarily have to sign up other people in order to make money), it isn't a pyramid scheme.  If the business doesn't have a product or you can't make money simply selling it to customers, then watch out. 

Both Donald Trump and Bill Gates (love them or hate them, you have to admit they are successful businessmen) said that if they lost their fortunes today, they would look to relationship marketing to make it back.  Wow!

Why does a business choose to create a relationship marketing model instead of “regular” business model?  Because they can cut out their advertising budget and rely on their salespeople to spread the word!  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get your name out there.  So instead of spending big money (sometimes millions of dollars) on advertising, they create jobs for thousands and thousands of people. You get paid to refer people to things you like....  What's not to like about that!?

Forbes Article on Why Relationship Marketing is a Smart Idea

Why I love it:
It is one of the few business models (maybe the only one?) that allows an average person to become the CEO of their own company.

This gives people an option to go as far and as fast as they want – as opposed to “climbing the corporate ladder” and hoping for someone to get bumped off in order to get promoted.

It is also much less expensive to get into than a traditional franchise business where you need tens of thousands of dollars to invest, in hopes of making it back in 3-5 years at the earliest.

Relationship marketing makes me a better person.  I find myself being a friendlier person, willing to smile at people, willing to help people, willing to open myself up more.

To really succeed, you have to help others.  In most relationship marketing models, you can reach the highest levels of success when you are helping other people.  This is in stark contrast to many other business models (like a typical corporation) where there are a limited amount of promotions so to help someone else get promoted is usually at your detriment.  You aren't incentivized to help others rank advance and succeed.  In relationship marketing, you are!

I've been a small business owner and while I do love it, it means a lot of work...and time, and money that you only hope and pray to make back in a few years.  Plus, you are responsible for everything – from taking out the trash to filing the tax returns to creating your website.  It can be a huge responsibility and if you don't have deep pockets, you will probably be working at other jobs while you are building your own business.  That's a lot of work and usually not a lot of play.  Relationship marketing companies do much of the work for you – they have for you a “back office”, marketing materials like brochures and business cards, videos, etc.  You don't have to put up your own website, create a training document, or worry about how to produce a marketing video.  That's already done for you!

Relationship marketing saves you your most precious resource – time.  It is designed to be a part time or even spare time job for those who have busy lives. Sure, you can quit your job and do these full time but it isn't necessary and in most cases, those who are most successful are those who are already busy.  Those people want more time freedom in their lives and know that when they can earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month (or more), that their time becomes more open and free.  And really, isn't that what we are wanting?  More time to spend as WE want to spend it?  Money is just one way of being able to spend time the way we see fit.

Two golden words – Residual Income.  Does the idea of continuing to make money in the future on work you are doing now sound good to you?  Right now, I am still earning money on the sales I made last year.  That's the beauty of residual sales!  I want to have the option of being a stay at home mom, and with residual income I can continue to be paid even if I am not working on the business.  

Here's a great Article on Residual Income and why you want it

Relationship marketing works!  Over $167 billion dollars was made in relationship marketing in the world in 2013, and that figure is increasing fast.  

Whether you would like to make millions a year, or maybe just a few extra hundred dollars a month, something in relationship marketing can be for you.  People in high school and people all the way up through their eighties have made good money in relationship marketing.  You don't need a college degree or to work thirty hours a week either – this is a very flexible business plan that molds itself to YOUR specific needs.

Of course, just like any other business model, there are “good” and “bad” companies, and those that you would like to support and those you wouldn't.  I make my living with Nerium and love taking the Asantae and Touchstone products.  All 3 of these companies are very ethical and in my opinion, are some of the best in the industry.

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Nerium is a new company whose mission is “to make people better” and they do that through skin care products that give results unseen in any other products. The average skin improvement seen with Nerium in 30 days is 30%.  Most designer (and more expensive!) products boast 2-5% change.  Yes, Nerium is THAT good!

"The Nerium Experience"

How does it work?

Many people hear that Nerium is made from Oleander and wonder if this is a safe product? Absolutely.  There are 2 types of Oleander, one that is toxic and one that isn't.  Guess which one is used in this product???  (hint, it isn't the toxic one) Oleander has been used in China and Egypt for hundreds of years as a beauty treatment.  All of the Nerium ingredients are gluten-free, GMO-free, vegetarian and were put through the Environmental Working Group's database to check on toxicity.  All ingredients tested nontoxic except a few that were low toxic.  Those low toxic ingredients were primarily reported that way due to some people possibly having an allergy to them.  This is a product so safe, a child could eat a hundred bottles and still not reach any toxic level!  And for those who know what a particular person I am when it comes to toxins and clean living, I would never get behind a product that I felt was unsafe, much less slather it on happily each day.

Safety Video

Scientific Review

Safety Panel

Scientific Advisory Board

New to Nerium is the NeriumFirm, the contouring creme that is already making people VERY happy!  So say goodbye to floppy mama belly, jiggly arms and cottage cheese thighs.

NeriumFirm Video

Love seeing before and after pics?  Me too!  Check out my collection on Pinterest.

My Pinterest Collection of Before and After Pics

EHT is the name of the supplement that has 20 years of research in a lab out of Princeton University, for BRAIN ANTI-AGING!  Yes you heard that right!  Check out the video below.  If you have a brain, you need this plant-based supplement!

Another way they make people better is by giving an opportunity to create a more sustainable life.  In partnering with Nerium, you become your own boss and are able
to create your own life the way you want it.  

Old Ways of Doing Business Vs. The New Ways

Financial Stories Video

Darin Kidd's Video

More Real Stories

To show you how big this is becoming – in their first year, Nerium made over $100 million dollars in 1 year in 1 country with 1 product.  That is more than the first years of Google and Microsoft COMBINED.  

This is a company that is growing at a phenomenal rate, and has now opened in Canada AND Mexico AND Korea and is poised to open more countries in 2016.  It is a rocket ship complete with one of the best relationship marketing CEOs in the business, Jeff Olson.  Nerium was featured in Success From Home magazine three times, once before the company was more than a few months old!  They have also been featured backstage at the Emmy's, Country Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards, the show The View and more.

Even CBS did an exposé on Nerium – expecting to find some skeletons in the closet...but check out what they found instead:

CBS Video

Nerium is perfect for those of you ready to make a change, and fast.  The 30-day money-back guarantee and 3URFree program are already legendary in the biz and the company stands behind the product with a website dedicated to customer pictures of their progress.  Keep in mind this company has only been around for about 4 years....think how beautiful everyone's skin will be after many years on the patented antioxidant formula!  Nerium also offers your monthly bottle of skin cream FREE and gives a free bottle with every preferred customer signed up.  Yes, they replace your sampling inventory for free. :)  As a Brand Partner, they don't require you to buy inventory to sell from – you sign up customers online so you don’t have to shell out thousands for inventory that will take up room in your garage or closet.
Part-time Earners Video
And – this product is great for a large demographic – everyone who has skin and a brain :)  Not only does the cream work to stop and reverse the signs of aging, but it also helps young people with their problems too.  Who doesn't want to prevent wrinkles before they happen?  There's a new saying in town – an ounce of Nerium is worth a pound of Botox!  

Video for Estheticians

Memory problems and lack of focus can all be part of your past when you take EHT daily.  Safe for kids as well as adults - this can give you your MIND back.  And that is a wonderful thing.

More on EHT

Nerium's CEO Jeff Olson is a legend in the relationship marketing business, and is the best selling author of
The Slight Edge.  He is also the founder of
Live Happy Magazine (discussed below) and whose motto has been “make people better” for over 20 years.  He is one of the most inspirational and uplifting people I have ever heard speak.  He came out of retirement specifically to create this once in a lifetime opportunity and talks about it in this great video:

Last Run Club

Nerium's Purpose and Meaning
And if you think this business or product is just for women  just know that men make up about 50% of the customers and are now about 50% of the people selling it and making great money.  Did you see Darin Kidd's Video above?

Are you ready to start living life the way YOU want to?

Shop for products
or get more info on becoming a Brand Partner

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Asantae is a health supplement company that has my favorite anti-inflammation supplement - iS2.  It is a food/herb based product developed by a heart surgeon named Dr. Dwight Lundell that helps the body fight the effects of the modern era – pollution, toxins, antibiotic
overuse, poor food choices, etc.  iS2 takes care of excess inflammation, helps exercise recovery, and stabilizes the immune system.  

iS2 Video

I started taking the iS2 in January, and 2 weeks later the pain in my knee that I twisted 8 months prior was finally gone.  Nothing I tried in the 8 months of pain made a difference, but only 2 weeks on iS2 healed it completely.  Then I started noticing I felt more energetic, my back hurt less, and my sore muscles from working out (or a deep chiropractic adjustment) lasted a fraction of the time they did previously.  This stuff was really working!  I read testimonials from people that have been suffering for years from arthritis and swollen joints who were reporting they can get around more easily and have no pain!  People with sports injuries were now able to play their favorite sport again.  Inflammation, even if you aren't suffering from an injury or disease, is rampant in our society and only gets worse with age and toxic burden.  

Inflammation Basics

More on Inflammation

Brain Inflammation and Dementia

How iS2 Affects Athletes

iS2 Testimonials

iS2 Brochure (pdf download)

Natural Supplements for Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding 

Shop for iS2

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Touchstone's line of supplements is unique, organic, and processed at low temps. This makes this an ideal line for raw vegans, or anyone who likes the idea of getting more raw plant matter into their diet easily and without yucky smoothies or mountains of kale.

About Touchstone
Medical Reviews

My favorites are the 
zeolite supplements that are an easy way to detox every day.  How many times have you thought “I need to go on a cleanse” but then realized you don't want to juice every day, you don't like the taste of the supplements, you can't afford a whole program, or just that life is too busy to change drastically even for a few days?  

zeolite is the supplement for you.  Four drops or sprays two to three times a day and you detox safely, easily and gently.  The drops are tasteless, making it ideal for kids and pets too.  Touchstone's zeolite is special due to the “cleaning” of the zeolite crystals before making it into a supplement.  Other zeolite supplements on the market aren't cleaned and therefore won't grab onto as much “gunk” to carry safely out of your body as Touchstone's does.

Zeolite's whitepaper information

Why Detoxing is Important

Where We Get So Many Toxins

A Day in Your Toxic Life

Toxins and Weight Gain

More on Toxins and Weight Gain

Zeolites for Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

Another great combination is the
Super Greens +D supplement with the zeolite.  When you take the toxins out with the zeolite (which works on the cellular level), the cell remains damaged and continues to replicate as a damaged cell. The super greens +d is designed to repair damaged, mutated cells.  We have seen excellent results when they are combined, and they come in a pack for you to save money too.

I am also loving my Green Energy.  The difference between feeling energized and exhausted lies in how efficiently oxygen moves throughout the body.  Green Energy has a unique blend of botanicals to help your red blood cells flow freely, delivering fresh oxygen and infusing you body with natural energy.

Shop Products for Touchstone Essentials

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Live Happy is a movement started by Jeff Olson (CEO of Nerium) to literally help people become happier!  He created a magazine (Live Happy Magazine) that has wonderful, inspiring articles on how to actually get more happiness out of life.  Nerium brand partners and preferred customers get a free subscription to it, too!  There's even a free website with tons of content.  Check it out at:

Live Happy!

Jeff Olson has been studying personal development since before it was a buzzword.  What he and other researchers like Shawn Achor, the writer of Before Happiness, have found is that people want to be happier, but “personal development” sounds hard, tedious, and “heavy”.  But HAPPINESS sounds light, fun and uplifting!  Yes they can be the very same thing but phrasing is everything.  So don't be afraid that this magazine or movement requires lots of hard work, giving up everything you love, saying “om” for 3 hours a day, etc.  It is all about being free to be your happiest, most fulfilled self.  And when you are happy and fulfilled, it helps others around you to be the same.  Everyone's more uplifted!

Part of the fun of succeeding in life is the change you can make to those around you.  On your list of “what I would like to do with my life” I bet you have at least 3 things on there that are for other people.  Giving to charities, putting someone through school, retiring someone – part of what makes us human is our desire to help others.  

Nerium has a concept called The Nerium Ripple that they use in order to make big changes in others' lives.

Close your eyes a moment, and picture the top 2 or 3 most important things in your life.  If you had unlimited time and money, how would that change your relationship to those important things?  Would you be able to move to a better location?  Stay at home with your kids?  Put a child through school?  Retire a parent?  Pay off all your debt so you feel more confident about the future?  This will be your legacy, what you leave behind.

Relationship marketing can be your vehicle to making those changes.

So now what!?  Are you feeling excited, thinking that you could perhaps have the life that you WANT?  You are deserving, you are capable, you can make this happen!  NOW IS YOUR TIME!!!  Don't let the naysayers make your decisions for you.  Go for what you want!

Some of you may be thinking – this stuff just isn't for me. And that is absolutely fine!  But - you may know someone who desires a change.  Maybe they need to pay off some bills or credit cards, maybe they want to retire, or stay at home with their kids. Do them a favor, send them this website. It may change their life.

But some of you will be so interested in all of this that you will want to lean more – and I have amassed a collection of what I think are the best books and resources out there on everything from meditation, health, and business success.  

Check Out our Amazon Store for the Materials

Plus, for those of you who decide to jump into one or more of the businesses above and start your own Best Life, I have created a special private Facebook group designed to help keep you motivated, looking ahead, and remembering why you started in the first place.  You can chat with others just like you all over the world and share tips and stories.  As Jeff Olson says, 2 minds create a 3rd more powerful mind.  It's free coaching that I am thrilled to share with you.

I love listening to daily affirmations as I am working away.  They inspire me to lift my heart and enjoy every moment.  Here are 3 of my favorites on Youtube:

Louise Hay

Wayne Dyer


I hope you enjoyed the information offered here, and of course if you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]
 or 707-570-9294.  I look forward to helping you achieve YOUR BEST LIFE! :)

Nerium is open in the US, Canada, Mexico and Korea!
This link here will get you information for US, Canada and Mexico.
This link here will get you information for Korea.

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