"...thanks again for all the work you do! You guys should win an award of Stewards of Food Integrity and Kindness."

"Oh, Backyard!  Yes, we shop with them regularly.....Tiffani and Mike are wonderful.  We usually pick up at the farmer's market in Marinwood and enjoy chatting with them.  I refer many of my friends and clients to them.  They carry the Salmon Creek duck, which is Fabulous, and now they have Vital Choice."


"I'm a huge fan of Backyard CSA. If you want what you want when you want it....
dropped off at your door, Tiffani
and Mike provide an incredible service. It's been so
helpful to me!"


"Oh god...I just tried to eat everything I got from you!! Lol! I love the hot dogs,
salametto n crackers, revive and
 cereal (thats the new stuff I tried from you) plus
I ate some almonds n some sardines!!  I need to walk away!! NOW!!"


"Just wanted to let you 1 year old and I loved the green was
dill-licious:)  He's also really into the beet kvass.  Looking forward to more goodies :)"

"Great chicken, by the way.  One of the best I've had outside of France.  Thanks."

"Thanks. I forwarded it [the Living Social deal] to a couple of friends I’ve been trying
to tell about you guys. You guys are awesome. I really appreciate the service you
provide by assembling a range of wonderful products and delivering to me!"


"We use them and they are great! lots of variety and home delivery! come on you
can't lose! support our local farmers and get great healthy food!!"

"Thank YOU for existing!...I actually found your site linked in an article on talking 
about the health benefits of fish stock.  It was actually
very serendipitous because my wife & I have 
been looking all over the north bay
(physically & virtually) for sources of natural food, then the other 
day I just googled
“fish heads health benefits” (we are new to consuming animal products but have

been experimenting after reading “Nutrition & Physical Degeneration”), clicked on a
random article, and 
*BAM* there in the article was a source for natural foods right
here in the North Bay – you! :)  On top 
of that, it was cool to see that you carry
most of the stuff 
we've already been buying!"


"When we got them (the meatballs) last week I think I ate 7 or 8 way too quickly. I actually had to stop myself at that much or I would have eaten way more and the rest of the family would have been very sad. they are really good and we feel so lucky to get them!"

"I love Tiffani and Mike, and their farm to table delivery service ... so much so that I
have referred hundreds -- many of whom have become customers! I trust that
they've done the research to provide only the most nutrient dense, quality items
they can find locally - and I have had excellent customer service form them over
and over! I would rate them with 10 stars if I could!"

"Note to all: the new gluten free biscotti are delicious!"
"My son, the super-fussy eater, thanked me for getting chicken hearts for him to take in his lunch today."

"Thank you so much for the lotion!  I love it!!!  The kimchi is amazing too!  I made a kimchi marinade/ dressing for a few things this week and it turned out delicious!"

"That raw cream cheese is incredible!  I will never buy another cream cheese again!  Just had to tell you :)"
Backyard CSA thanks you for your continued support
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